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  • "For example, when an AE calls to confirm rates, there’s not a 30 second pause waiting for the billing schedule to open. It’s absolutely immediate, literally, click, click, click. It’s a huge difference."

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  • "[W]e thought your product GP Posting Server was the better solution. The interface is better, it is easier to understand, and there are more options considering the auto transfer feature. We compared it to the Envisage Post Master Enterprise software."

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Human Resources Workflow for Dynamics GP

Tame human resource processes and take the paperwork out of HR workflows.

Human Resources Process Application takes the paperwork out of HR process flows. With this powerful Dynamics GP human resources app, employees interact via the web application or via their smartphones to initiate a variety of standard HR transactions. 

Employees create and submit their Employee Action Forms via self-service web portal and easy to use web entry. Action Forms get automatically routed to appropriate approvers based on the configurable business rules specified in the workflow. Approved employee actions update employee HR data in Dynamics GP. Full security and compliance are assured.


  • Web-based portal gives access to HR Action Forms to everyone in the organization
  • Eliminates paper forms and manual routing headaches
  • User interface shows status of every employee action and which need to be handled first
  • Managers can review performance of each part of the process
  • Integrated with Dynamics GP


  • Employees can open and track their HR requests via self-service web portal and easy to use action form entry
  • Onboarding, Terminations, Employee Information Updates, Departmental Transfers, Pay Changes
  • HR Action Forms are automatically routed to approvers based on the business rules
  • Highly configurable workflow engine with Visual Designer
  • Approved Actions automatically update HR and/or Payroll records in Dynamics GP

Available HR Workflows

Employee Self Service

  • Employee Information Update
  • Employee Name Change
  • Employee Emergency Contact Change
  • Update W4 Information
  • Update Direct Deposit Details

Manager Self Service

  • Employee Termination
  • Employee Transfer
  • Employee Leave Request
  • Employee Full-time/Part-time Status Change

Advanced HR Workflow Platform

Web-based Action Form Submission

Submit Employee Action forms through an easy to us wizard-style web form. The action form is seamlessly integrated with Dynamics GP. Users can look up employee IDs and items. Notes and attachments can be added to each line item to facilitate the approvals process.


Multi-level Review & Approvals

Route Action Forms through hierarchy of approvals, including technical, managerial and executive approvals. Approvers have the option to approve, reject, ask for changes, or request additional information. Email notification options increase process visibility. Approval functions are also accessible via tablets and smart phones for users on the go.


Extensible Workflow & Routing Rules

The power behind Alba360 Advanced Workflow is the graphical workflow designer which lets you define flexible approval routing logic based on any field in the action form or associated employee records. The workflow can also trigger other HR workflows as well to implement complex approval scenarios.