Alba Spectrum Company Merge Utility - Announcing CMU Import Feature for 3rd Party Tables in GP Company Merges

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Alba Spectrum Company Merge Utility - Announcing CMU Import Feature for 3rd Party Tables in GP Company Merges

Alba Spectrum’s Company Merge Utility is a unique automated tool for merging Dynamics GP company databases together. It reduces the time to analyze and merge databases by an order of magnitude, dramatically reducing merge costs and increasing convenience, to the extent that the time needed to merge any combination of companies can be closely predicted in advance. Even more importantly, its unique user interface enables a merge project to be handled by a DBA or consultant, rather than having to engage and schedule a busy product vendor.

Development of CMU is ongoing, and we recently went live with a feature update enhancing the renumbering options for transactions in merged companies. Today, we are announcing another major feature, expected later in Q2: CMU Import.

Previous versions of CMU allowed for importation of 3rd party tables during the merge process by using custom scripts. While this works well, the process of creating the scripts is a manual and potentially labor-intensive process. Custom scripts must be created for each 3rd party product an organization has installed in the GP environment. Given how many companies have customized their GP installations with a variety of 3rd party products, we saw an opportunity to add more value to CMU and streamline the merge process even more.

The CMU Import function enables users to easily define merge configurations for a Dynamics GP third-party product. It leverages the metadata of core CMU-Dynamics GP modules to allow automation of field mapping and record number transformation. Users can define table relationships and next number conditions via a simple excel template file, which is then uploaded directly into CMU. This enables records from third-party products to be included in the merge project, incorporating the data of third-party products from source companies to the target company during CMU’s automated merge process.

If you are considering a Dynamics GP company merge, contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation and assessment of your project. Just email us at sales@albaspectrum.com or ask your GP reseller to reach out to us.

Adding 3rd-party modules to the merge project


3rd party module is now available in the merge settings


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