Inaugural Amplify event is over! My thoughts….

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Inaugural Amplify event is over! My thoughts….

Now that the inaugural Amplify event is over, I am in awe of the wonderful session content, keynotes and the idea exchanges that took place.  All of the attendees; Customers, Partners, ISV’s and representatives from Microsoft were totally engaged in sharing new information, ideas and thoughts as well as reviewing topics previously presented, but with extra added tidbits of helpful hints and tips & tricks.

Amplify was comprised of so many great sessions that there wasn’t enough time to attend them all. Everyone I spoke with was so energized that we all wished for another full day of Amplify (hint to the planners for Amplify 2017…)

Prior to the event, I mentioned some of the sessions I planned to attend. Here are some of the pointers I picked up and a couple of key takeaways, from my point of view, that of a non-techy.

Microsoft continues to deliver customer requested functionality, be sure to use the feedback tools, you never know-- an enhancement that is near and dear to your heart might be in the next release.

With the cadence releases, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed with upgrades (or should I say updates as Microsoft is calling them now), but don’t let that stop you.  Look at the features added, do they provide functionality you need?  If so, consider planning an upgrade.  Don’t wait too long though, 2 – 3 versions is a lot of upgrade to take on at once.

Even though you may not have experienced the Dynamics GP 2016 Web Client, there’s no reason to put off deployment, the key is in the planning… a few basics to have under your belt before you begin...will you have multiple servers or a single server; Internal Access, External Access or both?  What kind of certificate is appropriate for your needs (internal certificate authority or 3rd party certificate)?

While I was familiar with Power BI, I wasn’t at all familiar with Power BI Pro. Data from a dataset that refreshes more frequently than daily and a dashboard that contains data streamed at a rate above 10k rows/hour definitely caught my attention.  Power BI Pro is now added to my wish list.

Thank you to all of my longtime friends and new friends that I spoke with at Amplify for the great camaraderie and idea exchanges.  The event felt like it was more about continuing the community and ensuring customers, Partners and ISV’s that Microsoft both listens and delivers on input and requests from the entire Dynamics GP channel.

Look forward to see you all in Tampa for GPUG Summit in October and at Amplify 2017 (dates not announced yet)!


P.S. If we talked at Amplify and you’d like to follow up with me further – or if we didn’t talk there and you’d like to reach out – please drop me an email anytime. I love to hear feedback and keep in touch with colleagues and customers!

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