GP 2015 R2 - Features, Upgrading, and Customizations

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GP 2015 R2 has been released and the Alba team is here to give you a snapshot of associated GP community discussion and news. Here's our summary of issues related to R2:
New Features - A huge part of a new release is the updated and additional functions. R2 has a number of enhancements, from viewing related purchasing documents in a single window and automatically posting cash receipt deposits in one step to cleaning up your SmartList Favorites and getting an improved SmartList Designer Workflow. These are just some of over 25 new features.

Stay current on new R2 features with these great resources:
To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade - That is often the question. With biannual releases of GP and service packs, people don't always upgrade with every release and they often try to make strategic upgrading decisions to save money, minimize process changes for end users, and avoid glitches. Upgrading to GP 2015 altogether has been debated and discussed in more detail here.

Upgrading Dynamics GP has become a lot simpler and smoother, so it's easier than ever to keep up-to-date with the latest improvements and be set for future releases. When choosing to upgrade, the need for preparation can't be overstated. Make sure you're aware of and prepared for the GP 2015 R2 known upgrade issues so you don't waste time, money, resources, and your patience! A great piece of advice is to "plan perfectly and test thoroughly" as described in this discussion on upgrade planning.

How to Upgrade - Have you done upgrades in-house, worked with a Microsoft partner, or worked with a couple of Microsoft partners to help you implement, support, and upgrade GP? Several factors affect your upgrade and they tend to coincide with how you support GP in general. Partner with a great company that you're comfortable with and know what you should ask them. It's advantageous to have expert advice, especially when users tend to only make use of about 30% of GP's capabilities, so seek advice on features that can improve your specific business processes.

What to include in your upgrade is also important. With upgrades like GP 2015 R2, there may be new features you're just not aware of that can provide time-saving tools, but they need to be part of your installation. The right Microsoft partner will help you navigate new features.

Customizations - You may or may not have or need customizations for your GP installation. GP is a powerful system that offers a lot out of the box. However, you may have questions about dealing with your current customizations or further optimizing GP to meet your business needs, and this is Alba Spectrum's speciality. See some of the GP customizations we've implemented for SalesInventoryPurchasingFinancials, and System Integration. Call us at 773.384.9264 for a consult, or email us with your inquiry. We're always looking for a new GP challenge to solve.

Happy upgrading!
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