Making Work Flow

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Making Work Flow

I joined Alba Spectrum to be part of a team trying to make a difference in the way small to medium sized enterprises run their businesses. I’ve done this for a majority of my career; introduce technologies that help to make businesses more efficient, more productive, and less costly to operate.

In the case of Alba Spectrum, the solution set that excited me was Advanced Workflow. Workflow is a business principle that seeks to identify actions in the course of a business process that can be defined and plotted on a timeline. When you make project plans, or create flowcharts, you are visualizing business flow. Alba’s Workflow platforms give you a structure to design those flows and incorporate the human and software-based processes that support them.

Workflow software is not a new innovation. Many large organizations have invested heavily in business process management systems, either in conjunction with or in addition to their Enterprise Resource Planning systems, as a way of dealing with the huge scales that their businesses can attain.

Alba spectrum has taken the concepts and transformed them into a software platform that can deliver the same benefits to a new audience – mid-sized enterprises.

It is true that many of the add-on products that are available to mid-sized companies contain a workflow component. Usually, a solution will have a routing component, or a document handling component, as part of its feature set.

But by and large these point solutions are not aware of other systems running in a company, so they may be duplicating efforts needed by other systems with their own Workflow components.

In the case of Advanced Workflow, we have taken the approach that any or all processes can be modeled for a business. And we particularly shine in the regions where systems intersect. We can take information created and manipulated by one system, and deliver it securely to another, keeping the work flowing.

We have built special-purpose workflows for some of the common business requirements, such as general accounting approvals, requisitions, expense management, and human resources. We have also built out special purpose flows to enhance existing products, such as The Nodus Credit Card approval solutions. In fact, when you remove the barriers, the working work is yours to discover and control.

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